A passion for antique pieces and artifacts that arose from the sharing of stories

A passion that emerged from sharing stories. For Lina Ramos, her interaction and friendship with Mr. Marcos, a Vista Alegre employee, was the reason she developed her appreciation for porcelain and a very special affection for Vista Alegre.
Start Date
23 de July, 2024

I met Mr. Marcos, a Vista Alegre employee when I was a teenager. He was a magnificent person and passionate about Vista Alegre porcelain. My parents acquired three Vista Alegre dinner services and several other pieces, such as two large pots and a 'tobacco leaf' tureen and platter. In the meantime, Mr. Marcos paid us a visit and guided us through the museum. This visit sparked a passion for antique pieces and artifacts, including porcelain. I have them in various family homes, organized as if they were museums. I am sending photographs of some of my pieces from the house where I am currently on vacation.

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