Mothers know best.
From old memories to current treasures

At the age of 12, Rute's mother's decision to invest the money her daughter earned in the local band in a trousseau service seemed like a mystery. Today, as her daughter acquires a piece of furniture to display the Vista Alegre set (Magnolia), she found in it a treasure filled with memories and gratitude.
Start Date
23 de July, 2024

When I was 12 years old, and the tradition of trousseau was still common, my mother invested the money I earned from playing in the local music band in a Vista Alegre set (Magnolia). At that time, I was a bit upset by her decision, as I didn't appreciate such things. Recently, in 2019, when I moved to a larger house, I bought a piece of furniture specifically to display it (photos attached), and I now use my dinner and coffee set with great pride. Mothers always know best...

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Os 200 anos da Vista Alegre são um momento de celebração da História da empresa e do seu vasto património, da História da família fundadora e, acima de tudo, da comunidade de pessoas que fizeram e fazem parte do mundo Vista Alegre.