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With a historical path built over 200 years, Fábrica de Porcelana da Vista Alegre [Vista Alegre Porcelain Factory] plays an important role within the Portuguese culture, deeply associated with the History of the country and Europe.

The Vista Alegre Museum, at Lugar da Vista Alegre in Ílhavo, aims at promoting, inspiring and motivating visitors to become acquainted with ceramic culture, safeguarding research and interpreting the heritage of the Factory.

The history of Vista Alegre is part of the lives of many people in Portugal and worldwide. With this initiative, we invite the entire community to become part of the celebration of Vista Alegre’s 200th anniversary, sharing memories, collections and knowledge about the company (either personal or corporate) all across Portugal and abroad. This sharing aims to:

The history of Vista Alegre is part of the lives of many people in Portugal and worldwide. With this initiative, we invite the entire community to become part of the celebration of Vista Alegre’s 200th anniversary, sharing memories, collections and knowledge about the company (either personal or corporate) all across Portugal and abroad. This sharing aims to:

  • Facilitate information sharing concerning Vista Alegre, strengthening the relationship between people and the brand
  • Enrich the history of a national and international reference chest, through unique stories, personalized and perhaps long forgotten
  • Make all those who love the brand feel that they are part of Vista Alegre’s history and that without them the brand would never be so strong
  • Enable accumulation of contents, processing and organization of information to create a Digital Archive for the Vista Alegre Museum.

These regulations establish the rules and criteria governing the operation of the Convite à Participação [Invitation to Participate] to all those who love the Brand Vista Alegre, an initiative of the Vista Alegre Museum.

  • Customer/fan of the brand and/or its products;
  • Those who work or have worked for Vista Alegre, in its factories, stores or in any commercial branch in Portugal or abroad;
  • Those who live or have lived in the Social Neighborhood of the Vista Alegre Porcelain Factory in Ílhavo, or in other Vista Alegre houses;
  • Those who collect Vista Alegre porcelain and/or crystal pieces (artistic, decorative, special limited series, advertising, hotelware, among others);
  • Those who own a personal and/or family collection associated with Vista Alegre (mail, photographs, administrative documents, objects related to the work in the factory or to its social institutions, such as the theatre, the band and the orchestra, among others).

On the form, in addition to filling in personal data, participants are asked to share files from his/her private collection or any personal knowledge, together with a descriptive text.

Providing collections or knowledge shall comply with the following requirements, which the Participant expressly acknowledges

  • Ensure the accuracy of the personal knowledge and information you wish to share;
  • Be the legitimate owner of the property right of the assets that are part of the collection you wish to share or to be duly authorized for that purpose;
  • Ensure that your private collections and personal knowledge are associated with Vista Alegre and its History, included in the period between 1824 and present day;
  • Provide your information in a digital format (e.g. text, image, video or sound), together with a short descriptive text;
  • Understand and accept the nature of sharing that the contents made available will be subject to.

When registering and submitting information, the participant must choose one of the following terms of sharing and/or releasing the information:

  • Public sharing, which implies the identification of the title of the content, authorship and/or ownership, date as well as the Terms and Conditions which are part of the following item of these Regulations;
  • Private sharing, subject to prior consent of the owner, for external communication purposes, such as researcher access and loan for publications or temporary exhibitions.

The Vista Alegre Museum reserves the right to establish restrictions, namely in terms of quality, or to limit viewing of part or of all the documents from its digital collection, namely due to editorial and/or legal nature.

Access and viewing of images and documents does not in itself imply the transfer of copyright and related rights over them or the granting of any license.

Files are to be provided in JPEG/PNG/PDF/MP3/MP4/MPEG/MOV format. They may be reused and shared under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license, according to the following terms and conditions: attribution of credits, non-trade and non-disclosure of derivatives. If the re-use of the files is not covered by the Creative Commons 4.0 license, you must request it from the Vista Alegre Museum using the appropriate form.

  1. Collected information
  • When registering to use the website www.anossahistoria.vistaalegre.com the participant will be asked to introduce personal data, namely name, address and contact details. These data may be used for future communications between Vista Alegre Museum and the participant;
  • When browsing the www.anossahistoria.vistaalegre.com website, the participant may also subscribe to the newsletter, for which the participant’s Personal Data are collected, such as name and e-mail address. These data will be processed in order to receive information about the Brand, namely: institutional and marketing communications, news, exclusive campaigns and invitations to events, among others.

2. Use and purpose of processing personal data

2.1 Vista Alegre uses Personal Data with the following purposes:

  • Contact management with the User;
  • Registration of participation in the “Faça Parte da Nossa História” [Be Part of Our History] initiative through the website www.anossahistoria.vistaalegre.com;
  • Processing information and contacts in similar future initiatives, which shall be the responsibility of the promoting entities and shall be kept for the period necessary for the purposes aforementioned, complying with legal obligations.

2.2 The data may also be used for research which will allow Vista Alegre to improve the service provided to customers.

2.3 Vista Alegre may also send you communications regarding news and events regarding Vista Alegre, Casa Alegre and Bordallo Pinheiro brands. You may, at any time, stop receiving communications from Vista Alegre by clicking on the link available at the bottom of the newsletters or by sending your request to: dpo@vistaalegre.com.

3. With whom we share your data

  • We share your Personal Data only with companies and departments within the Grupo Visabeira;
  • Customer data collected on the www.anossahistoria.vistaalegre.com website are also shared with third parties whenever necessary under the scope of this initiative and under a contract between Vista Alegre and its Partners;
  • Participants are guaranteed access, correction, amendment, objection to the processing, portability or deletion of their personal data by sending an email to dpo@vistaalegre.com, or sending a letter to the following address: Vista Alegre, Lugar da Vista Alegre, 3830-292 Ílhavo;
  • In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, participants have the right to withdraw their consent at any time, which does not prevent, however, processing being carried out until that date based on the consent previously given.

4. Responsibility for data processing

  • The party responsible for processing the Personal Data is Grupo Visabeira S.G.P.S., S.A., based at Rua Palácio do Gelo, piso 3, 3500 – 606, Viseu [Portugal], which provides the service and which in the context decides which Data will be collected, the means of processing the Data and for what purposes data are used. The party responsible can be contacted through the following address: rgpd@vistaalegre.com;.
  • The Data Protection Officer, which is the entity responsible for implementing and verifying this Privacy Policy, as well as for setting clear rules for processing Personal Data, ensures that all those who entrust us with processing their Personal Data are aware of how the Grupo Visabeira deals with the Data and what their rights regarding this subject are. The DPO of Grupo Visabeira can be contacted through the following address: rgpd@vistaalegre.com.

5. Your rights

  • Vista Alegre informs you that the User has a right to access Personal Data, as well as to correct, erase and transfer it. The User also has the right to limit data processing, as well as to decline it.

6. How to exercise your rights

  • If you do not agree with the terms in which your Personal Data are being processed, you can exercise the rights listed in the previous chapter through a communication to the Personal Data as indicated in paragraph 4. You can also submit a complaint to the Autoridade Nacional de Controlo [National Supervisory Authority] – CNPD].

7. Information security

  • We work with focus on the safety of your data by adopting technical and organizational safety measures suited to protecting our Users from unauthorized access, alteration or destruction of data, or non-authorized information which we possess being disclosed.

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    Os 200 anos da Vista Alegre são um momento de celebração da História da empresa e do seu vasto património, da História da família fundadora e, acima de tudo, da comunidade de pessoas que fizeram e fazem parte do mundo Vista Alegre.