The best birthday gift: a Vista Alegre tableware set with my illustrations

Enchanted by Vista Alegre, Luiza Correa shared with us one of the most emotional memories of her life.
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23 de July, 2024

I have always been passionate about Vista Alegre. I have several wonderful pieces from your brand. In 2019, on my birthday, June 14th, I had the beautiful joy of receiving one of the most exciting gifts of my life: a set of Vista Alegre dinner plates with my own illustrations. I also hold a lot of affection for my first bird, which my husband and I bought in 1984 when we were still single, and since then, the collection has only grown. We also have many cups, as my husband is passionate about them, and several other pieces that hold a special place in our hearts because we are passionate about Vista Alegre.

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Os 200 anos da Vista Alegre são um momento de celebração da História da empresa e do seu vasto património, da História da família fundadora e, acima de tudo, da comunidade de pessoas que fizeram e fazem parte do mundo Vista Alegre.